4 signs that it’s time for a server upgrade — and what to look for

4 signs that it’s time for a server upgrade — and what to look for

Source: https://www.probrand.co.uk/blog/pb/november-2019/4-signs-that-it-s-time-for-a-server-upgrade

Maintaining your IT infrastructure (and getting the most out of it) can be complex, time-consuming and expensive—especially if you’re not working with the right servers.

So, we’ve looked at four of the most common reasons businesses need to upgrade their servers—and identified exactly which capabilities your new servers should have to make a real difference for your business.

Worried your infrastructure’s at risk? You need built-in security.

Servers are a vital component of your infrastructure, so you’ll want to know that it’s locked down and safe—at every level. The most effective server set ups include built-in multi-layer security that shores up everything from the physical hardware to the firmware, so you can detect and protect your business from threats.

But it’s not just protection you should be looking for.

There’s always a small risk of your servers going down, and when that happens, you need to be confident that you can get everything back online as fast as possible—and fully operational. The right infrastructure will have simple built-in recovery processes that can get your business back to the last good state in just a few clicks.

Too much downtime? You need proactive monitoring. If you know there’s a major problem with your server, it’s probably already too late to avoid downtime. And with something as business-critical as a server, you simply can’t afford to have it out of action for too long.

You need to stay ahead of potential faults, and that means choosing a solution that enables proactive and preventative maintenance, through AI-powered analytics. This level of insight means you can make progressive improvements to your server setup and be sure you’re using all your resources as effectively as possible.

Struggle with making informed decisions? You need intelligent telemetry.

In businesses of any and every size, the key to making the right decisions is taking a long, detailed look at all the data you have available. But each and every business will be dealing with different volumes of data, and different levels of resource—so it’s vital to have an infrastructure that supports intelligent use of the information you’re working with.

Whether you’re the key decision maker for your business, or you work alongside a whole team of other business leaders, you need detailed, accurate data from a range of sources to make the right choices about where your business is going and how it’s going to get there. Your infrastructure should put that information in front of you.

Want better performance and efficiency? You need to look to the market-leaders.

The wrong server infrastructure can leave you looking at high running costs and patchy performance. To make the most out of the investment you’re putting into your servers, you need to choose a set up and supporting solutions that are highly rated for performance, security and efficiency. These capabilities, backed up by strong analytics, can help you make adjustments and improvements as you go, to ensure you’re getting the best.


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