Corsa Security Delivers Scalable Traffic Inspection for Recoletas Red Hospitalaria

Corsa Security Delivers Scalable Traffic Inspection for Recoletas Red Hospitalaria

Corsa solution creates virtual next generation firewall to provide full inspection of SSL/TLS encrypted traffic without performance degradation. 

Corsa Security, leaders in scaling network security, has deployed its virtualized next generation firewall (vNGFW) with Recoletas Red Hospitalaria, a Spanish health services provider. The Corsa Red Armor Network Security Virtualization Platform (NSVP) was integrated with FortiGate-VM virtual appliances to provide an affordable and scalable firewall solution for the enterprise’s 18 hospitals and health centers. The vNGFW solution offered the precise amount of traffic inspection needed – including SSL/TLS encrypted traffic – with zero degradation in network performance and no packets dropped. This meant Recoletas Red Hospitalaria gained application control by having complete visibility into all traffic and was able to minimize the risk of compromising their network.

“We needed a perimeter security solution that could deal with the increasing amount of encrypted traffic on the network due to our recent growth,” said Josep Bardallo, Chief Information Security Officer, Recoletas Red Hospitalaria. “Corsa’s solution was installed within an hour and did not require any changes to our existing network. Virtualization was truly push-button; after the platform was installed there was no further need to engage with any element of hardware. It was simple, intuitive and out-of-the-box. Our security team was able to fully inspect traffic without impacting the performance of network throughput. With this platform we’ve reduced the risk of a security incident and found an affordable solution to future-proof our network, even as encrypted traffic becomes more prevalent.”

“We’re ensuring the ultimate in flexibillty and simplicity by offering Corsa Red Armor as a service with a monthly subscription,” said Eduardo Cervantes, CEO, Corsa Security. “It can be ordered with one click, deployed in minutes and you pay as you grow. This means enterprises like Recoletas Red Hospitalaria can focus on delivering crucial medical services, without having to worry about whether they have full visibility into encrypted traffic as their network grows.”

The Corsa Red Armor Network Security Virtualization Platform (NSVP) with FortiGate-VM virtual appliances (FortiGate-VM00, FortiManager, FortiAnalyzer) creates a vNGFW that can elastically scale inspection capacity for any amount of traffic, including when it’s SSL/TLS encrypted. The vNGFW solution is deployed in virtual wire mode, allowing seamless integration of the firewall into the existing network topology. The Corsa Red Armor platform includes an intuitive virtualized infrastructure manager which provides a cloud-like user experience for easily managing the virtualized network security infrastructure and all its VMs. Throughput tests run by Recoletas prove the vNGFW had all the same functional aspects as a traditional hardware-based firewall but with zero impact to network performance as inspection scaled to high capacity and with the added ability to conveniently spin up and monitor the VMs health and performance from both the network and infrastructure perspective.