Ethical AI: Why Pure is spearheading industry wide debate and collaboration at DTX Europe

Ethical AI: Why Pure is spearheading industry wide debate and collaboration at DTX Europe

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising how businesses use data; specifically delivering faster and more accurate insights, increasing productivity, and creating new revenue streams. However, as is inevitable with any transformational technology, questions have been raised. You’d be hard-pressed to not have seen the debates raging on the growth of AI, its power, whether it’s a force for positive change or not, and who should take responsibility.

One of the ways the technology industry has responded is with the formation of AI ethics boards. Not a bad idea in principle, but these are widely considered to have been lacking in impact and transparency. Furthermore, efforts to develop overarching standards have proved incredibly challenging. As a business, Pure believes that industry wide collaboration and ongoing dialogue is key to rising to this challenge. That’s why we are sponsoring the AI Ethics Board panel debate at Digital Transformation EXPO Europe 2019; a unique platform for cross industry discussion and sharing ideas.

Pure helps businesses realise the potential of their data, whilst reducing the complexity and expense of managing it. We offer a range of AI infrastructure solutions that businesses can get up and running within hours. We are passionate about the power of data, and we are just as passionate about its integrity – which is a key issue when it comes to AI. Data is fuel for machine learning, and that fuel must be optimised in order for the machine to deliver the best outputs. A lot of the debate has focused on biased outcomes that AI can deliver, and that there is no one size fits all solution for this.

The debate will bring together a range of industry experts to explore this in more depth, with Patrick Smith, EMEA Field CTO of Pure Storage joining the panel, alongside AI influencer and chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov, Galina Alperovich, Senior Machine learning researcher at Avast, and Nic Oliver, Founder - The panel will also discuss why so many high profile AI ethics boards fail, and what a successful ethics board looks like, and the risks to privacy, data and humans in the future if we don’t get this right.

Patrick Smith said, “I’m really looking forward to debating the issue of AI ethics, raising important questions, and sharing combined expertise. We hope those who can join us will leave armed with valuable insights to help inform their AI strategies in the future.”


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