Is Your Business AI-Ready?

Is Your Business AI-Ready?


Author: Mary Ellen Genovese in Customer Experience, AI, Contact Centre

As legacy systems have struggled to meet the speed expected by the modern customer, the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) into the contact centre has allowed customer service departments to regain the upper hand.

More and more contact centres are adopting AI as a means to connect the dots between data points and transform the way companies communicate. Whether it’s improving the customer experience by enabling agents to provide a more personalised approach, or providing a powerful combination of sentiment analysis, engagement context and customer value, businesses embracing AI are beginning to achieve clear success.

Four steps to ensure your business is AI-ready.

1. First, as with any AI implementation, getting your data in order is crucial. This means ensuring all parts of your business are linked so data is treated as a single, shared resource across the business. AI cannot function as intended without a complete and unfettered view. For communications, customers do not just call the contact centre. They talk via webchat, chatbots and social channels to your sales reps, customer service agents, technical support engineers and chat online.

For example, if you are engaging with a customer and information gathered from their early interactions with sales teams is not accessible for customer service, that's critical context missing that could ultimately make for better interaction.

2. You only get the best out of this technology when people know how to use it, which means ongoing investment in training agents is a must. When agents understand how it all works this increases productivity and customers benefit from faster resolution.

3. Once AI is up and running in your contact centre, you can’t just leave it to operate on its own - quality checks of service are vital to ensure the system is as effective as possible. Analytics can show how well the AI is performing and whether customers are satisfied with responses. If quality dips, you need human insight to catch any problems, make tweaks and optimise the system.

4. Finally, whenever you’re working with data, security is paramount – and this is all about choosing the right partner. Ensuring your providers are certified and compliant with industry standards is essential.


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