OpenSource The DevOps Enabler

OpenSource The DevOps Enabler

There is growing pressure on IT to provide faster and more agile platforms for business, Red Hat’s James Allen discussed why those adopting open source tooling and practices are succeeding at the expense of those who don’t.

Open source culture allows IT professionals to manage the huge demand from the business and allows them to navigate their way through multiple projects by encouraging collaboration, transparency (both access and the ability to act), faster resolution for shared problems, and by working together, this creates consistency and ultimately standardisation.

James started the session by confirming that we all know the big names, the disrupters, who are incorporating open source successfully such as Netflix, Soundcloud, and Uber. These companies have started to change the game. He advised that the days of “let’s build something cool and open source it” have gone, and now “these businesses are using open source to take things to the next level.”

It’s not just the usual names who are creating innovative open source tooling however, James went on to name Hystrix, Prometheus, Istio, and Jaegar as examples of those also producing great tooling also.

James urged the audience to embrace open source culture, “due to the open nature of source code, as opposed to the traditional methods many are all too familiar with.” He advised that through community based projects, Red Hat have been able to become the leading provider of open source solutions and this has led them from strength to strength.

James moved on to give us his definition of what DevOps is to him “DevOps is a term used to describe a series of methods and practices used to allow the increased collaboration, communication, and agility of different aspects of IT based functions, such as development, testing, and operations.”

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