Panda Security has been awarded the contract for Telefónica’s global EDR protection

Panda Security has been awarded the contract for Telefónica’s global EDR protection

- Panda Security has become the global provider of EDR protection for internal consumption at Telefónica for the next three years.

- The Spanish cybersecurity multinational’s solution Panda Adaptive Defense and its Threat Hunting service will be deployed on the 180,000 computers on Telefónica’s global IT network, in a total of 14 countries.

- The signing of this contract means that Telefónica Global has placed its trust in the most advanced services in Panda Security’s portfolio. As well as EDR protection and Threat Hunting, the company has opted for Patch Management, Advanced Reporting Tool, SIEM Feeder and Partner Center. 

Panda Security, the Spanish multinational, has been awarded a contract that puts in its hands the EDR protection for internal consumption at Telefónica Global. The seven figure contract will last for the next three years, and includes the option to extend it.

Specifically, Panda Security will deploy its solution Panda Adaptive Defense and its Threat Hunting service on 180,000 computers in the 14 countries in which Telefónica operates. The attack surface will also be reduced thanks to vulnerability management and patch update capacities with Panda Patch Management; correlation and application of information intelligence with Advanced Reporting Tool and SIEM Feeder; and the integral operation of the Partner Center.

This agreement between the two Spanish multinationals comes after an RFI process, a technical evaluation, and negotiations between Telefónica and the three finalists of the tendering: SentinelOne, CrowdStrike and Panda Security.

“Without a shadow of a doubt, we have gained a global reference point, of great significance and large geographic reach, which has opted for our most advanced services and solutions,” said María Campos, VP Sales Worldwide Key Accounts, Telecoms, and MSSPs at Panda.  “This decision reinforces our position as a reference point in the world of corporate cybersecurity solutions. The whole Panda Security team is committed to this challenge, especially the Enterprise group, who will be directly involved in order to guarantee that the company has the advanced, disruptive technology that sets us apart on the market.” 

Juan Santamaría, CEO of Panda Security, said “I sincerely believe that this agreement represents a milestone in the European technology market in 2018. What’s more, I’m convinced that Telefónica will make the absolute most of the advanced capacities that it was able to perceive in Panda’s differential technologies.” When talking about these technology solutions, Juan Santamaría states that “The integration of managed services, advanced solutions, and modules has been the key to achieving the level of protection and development that we currently offer. Our aim will be to make the work of Telefónica’s heads of security even more agile, and at the same time maximize the level of effective protection.”

The signing of this contract demonstrates the trust that Telefónica has placed in Panda Security’s portfolio of advanced cybersecurity services for companies. Over the last 12 months, Panda Security has positioned itself as the leading European Company for EDR systems, with European shareholders, and a European cloud platform and technology. The company is fully aligned with the European Union’s regulations.

Alejandro Ramos, Global Digital Security Officer at Telefónica, says that “For the most sophisticated attacks, even those that don’t use malware, we need to constantly monitor and analyze the behavior of systems, applications and users, in order to detect and investigate anomalies regarding the baseline of normal behavior. And this is exactly what Panda Security offers us: a complete security intelligence system that is able to protect at the highest level and provide us the visibility we need of all the activity on our IT network.”

As well as gaining a hugely important global reference point, another facet of this framework agreement is to reinforce the partnership between Telefónica and Panda Security, offering Panda’s advanced cybersecurity solutions for the corporate market to the telecommunications company’s customers.

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