Unbelievable tales of cyber-attack – You won’t read about these in the media!

Unbelievable tales of cyber-attack – You won’t read about these in the media!

If you are familiar with IP EXPO, you may well be au fait with all round top bloke and to use his official title - Independent Security Analyst, Graham Cluley.

But just in case you aren’t familiar, Graham is an award-winning independent security blogger, researcher, podcaster, public speaker, and whirlwind source of encyclopaedic knowledge for all things cyber security. 

His vast knowledge dates back to the early 1990s when he worked as a programmer, writing the first ever version of Dr Solomon's Anti-Virus Toolkit for Windows. He has also worked with household names such as Sophos and McAfee. As well as providing Joe Public with easy to understand insight into the computer security threat landscape via TV and radio.

However, that’s enough of a snapshot of Graham’s vast experience... Let’s get down to why you shouldn’t miss out on IP EXPO Manchester 2019, but why Grahams session is unmissable!

Avoid making ‘dumb mistakes with data’

Graham’s session ‘Unbelievable tales of cyber-attack’ takes place on Day 1 of IP EXPO Manchester at 10:30 am in the ‘Keynote theatre’.

We read headlines every day of data breaches, hacks, and malware attacks. Often they're identical sensationalised newspaper stories, where you could easily just change the names of the companies involved and the number of customer records they have had stolen from them.

But in Graham’s absolute belter of a session, we delve into the extraordinary, like the companies who pretend to be hacked when they haven’t, or the attackers who went to exceptional lengths to steal millions from their employers.

Graham will avoid the mundane with tales such as:

  • Unbelievable examples of cyber-attack
  • How hacked companies exploit the media to boost their brand
  • How to cheat at the lottery and win $14.3 million
  • Recognising the insider threat?
  • Learning how to survive by being sceptical

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