Visitor Downloads and Resources

Data Science Today!
The challenges, opportunities, and real world insights from UK Data Scientists.

DevOps 2.0
A selection of top insight from around the industry, live from the show floor at IP EXPO Manchester 2019, specifically for IP EXPO.
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The Cyber Landscape
A selection of top insight from around the industry, live from the show floor at IP EXPO Manchester 2019 tailored specifically for Cyber Security X. 

Exhibitor Downloads and Resources

The email marketing guide for Exhibitors 
Registered for Digital Transformation EXPO? If so, why not get some top tips on how to attract visitors to your stand at the live event! 

Empower your business with live events
Discover the stats behind what makes face to face event marketing so powerful!

Top tips for a successful event campaign
A selection of top tips pre-show, during, and post show to help you absolutely boss your time at the live show and to help you achieve that coveted ROI. 


Cyber in the time of Corona

This webinar will explore the cyber risks and threats the coronavirus has imposed upon on with insight on the security measures we should all take. 

Why legacy monitoring can’t cope with your remote workforce

Your users are working remotely and thanks to SaaS & Cloud applications they may not even touch your corporate network, so how do you still stay in control of their user experience.

Enhance your data analytics skills – from Consumer to Analyst to Citizen Data Scientist

This webinar will provide you with ideas on how today's easy to use analytical tools can provide you with an additional set of skills.


DTX Manchester 2020 - what's in it for you?
Find out how the right mix of technologies can see you reap huge benefits. 

Digital Transformation Vision 2020
Introducing a new and exciting vision for Digital Transformation EXPO 2020!

IP EXPO Manchester 2019 best bits

Just in case you missed it, here are the best bits from IP EXPO Manchester 2019 


Listen to the podcast hosted by Tom Silver from BJSS - ChangeMakers, which explores better ways to deliver and embed successful change in the UC space.

2019 Manchester Presentation Slides 

Graham Cluley - Independent Speaker - Unbelievable tales of cyber attack 

Download the presentation here

Dr Sue Black - Independent Speaker - Did Twitter Save Bletchley Park?

Download the presentation here

Chris Testa-O'Neill - Microsoft - AI for All

Download the presentation here