IP Fabric
Stand #: H34
AI & Automation Cloud Networks & Infrastructure New for 2021

IP Fabric is an Intent-Based Networking technology that serves as the foundation for network programmability, automation and analytics by delivering the critical information required to manage your network operations. It is a vendor-neutral automated network assurance platform that automates the holistic discovery, verification, visualisation and documentation of large-scale enterprise networks, reducing the associated costs and required resources whilst improving security and efficiency. It supports your engineering and operations teams, underpinning migration and transformation projects and making network planning, testing and troubleshooting easier.

IP Fabric provides this granular detail by using a unique network model and algorithms, that reconstruct the network state and simulate actual flows to detect critical violations, business-impacting inefficiencies and verify policy compliance. Based on mathematical graph theory, our native visualization of all network topologies and protocols provides unparalleled visibility, answering the question of how your network is operating as a whole and in detail. Detailed visual documentation and report outputs can be used directly as part of an existing process or managerial reporting requirements.

Mr Jakub Al-Nassir

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