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Receptionists, switchboard operators, and service desk employees have a key role in the success of your business.
Every time they pick up the phone or respond to a message, they shape the way customers perceive your company.
PeterConnects enables meaningful connections by adding customer insight, reachability context, and control to
every omnichannel conversation in a single pane of glass. We offer a suite of software solutions that enhances your
organization’s communication.

This rich functionality is available for attendants, receptionists, contact centers, or any employee who uses a telephone:
• Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) – Handle and distribute large volumes of inbound conversations in an efficient way.
• Customer Insight – On the spot information from various lines of business systems like Dynamics CRM, SalesForce
and others.
• Reachability Context – View relevant customer information during every omnichannel conversation as well as
employee availability, conversation history and reachability reporting.
• Control - Enable your employees to handle conversations quickly and efficiently.
• Single pane of glass – Display information from multiple sources in a single, integrated view.
• Monitoring and Reporting – Provide real-time statistics and performance information to maximise customer
interaction and satisfaction.

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