Stand #: G16
Cloud New for 2021

Scality is a global company established in 2010, that provides file and object storage for enterprise data management deployments of all sizes. We adapt to your environment. Traditional on-prem storage? No problem. Storage for modern cloud-native applications? We’ve got you covered.

Whether it’s critical healthcare or financial data, government intelligence, digitized national treasures, streaming video content or any other valued asset — Scality has a proven track record of ensuring eleven 9s data durability and long-term protection. Powering many of the everyday digital services we all depend on, Scality solutions are trusted by the world’s largest banks, healthcare providers, media companies, transportation, telco and cloud service providers.

Launched this year was ARTESCA, our new lightweight, cloud-native object storage. The intuitive software that redefines object storage for the new cloud-native era. It provides both a small footprint at the edge and scalability for the data centre. Designed for fast access, anywhere data lives, ARTESCA transforms how DevOps manages and accesses data. It’s ideal for a new generation of applications, including machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data analytics. ARTESCA uniquely combines lightweight, cloud-native object storage design with true enterprise-grade capabilities.

At Scality, we refer to our unique approach — unifying and elevating data to access its full potential — as the art of scale. Such art requires exceptional technology, along with exceptional people.

Mr Thomas Fillioud
United Kingdom