Andy Green
Andy Green
Land Speed Record Holder

Andy Green has spent a career as a Royal Air Force fighter pilot and, as the holder of the World Land Speed Record, is 'The Fastest Man on Earth'. In 1997 Andy drove the Thrust SSC (SuperSonic Car), setting the world's first and only supersonic World Land Speed Record at an astonishing 763 mph, travelling literally 'faster than a speeding bullet'. To hear of the huge technological, practical and personal challenges that he and the team had to overcome in pursuit of the ultimate Land Speed Record is to share in a story that you will not quickly forget.

After setting the outright Land Speed Record in 1997, Andy went on to drive the JCB DIESELMAX car in 2006. He and the team overcame some very different but equally challenging problems to smash the diesel record, setting the new mark at a remarkable 350 mph for the world's fastest diesel car. Andy remains the only person in history to have driven supersonic and also the only one ever to hold world records in 2 such different classes of vehicle.

Not content with these records, Andy Green is now the chosen driver for the new BLOODHOUND SuperSonic Car. A blend of Formula One car, supersonic jet and next-generation space rocket technology, Bloodhound is the most advanced straight-line racing car ever built. As well as promoting British engineering and technology on a global stage, Bloodhound is delivering a major education programme into schools across the country, aiming to inspire the next generation of young engineers and scientists while setting the most remarkable Land Speed Record of all time. The Car has already been tested up to 628 mph (1010 km/h) and is now being prepared for a new World Record attempt at over 800 mph.

Despite these remarkable achievements, Andy Green’s first love is the Royal Air Force. A veteran of combat theatres around the world, he has commanded Royal Air Force operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. His career has included flying the F4 Phantom, Tornado F3 and (briefly) the Harrier. His experience in high-performance aircraft, together with the leadership, teamwork and risk-management inherent in modern-day military operations, provides the perfect background for Andy to describe what it takes to achieve extreme performance goals.