We’ve researched with 2,000+ IT and Security professionals to create a programme covering the hottest topics in digital transformation. Discover new strategies, tactics and solutions across priority tech areas. Tackle your biggest challenges. Get inspired by cutting edge case studies. Exchange ideas with the best in the business.

DTX Main Stage

Our Main Stage brings together senior IT leaders and innovators to give their ideas on how to navigate an era of rapid transformation from both a tech and cultural perspective. We'll share lessons learned from the pandemic and explore critical priority focus areas for the next year. (Watch this space for some out of this world guest keynotes!)

Future Networks Stage

Networks must be resilient, intelligent and fit for purpose. Following a wave of change, an increase in demand and new technologies edging over the horizon, businesses need to be sure they're not restricted by ineffective legacy systems. Join this stage to discover how to build a network to support your enterprise into the future.

Cloud Transformation Stage

Creating a long term cloud strategy is essential to deliver scalability, efficiency, and agility. It'll also save you from making costly, short term mistakes. Cloud migrations always seem to be more complex than expected, so we'll be talking through the best practice examples of both building and executing your cloud transformation strategy.

Cyber Security Keynote Stage

At the Cyber Keynote, the focus is locked and loaded on strategy. We bring together those at the helm of influential security teams to share how they approach the big challenges. Find out how leaders are taking a stand against cyber criminals and take on the lessons of past mistakes and mishaps.

Data Analytics Stage

It is undeniable that each enterprise holds a huge amount of untapped value in their data. But very few know how to build the architecture and implement the tools needed to deliver impactful insights. Find out how to become a truly data driven organisation while making sure you protect data and stay fully compliant.

AI & Intelligent Automation Stage

Businesses have leveraged AI and automation to streamline operations, energise IT and enterprise functions and improve customer experience. Now the pressure is mounting to become more efficient, intelligent, responsive and ethical. Join this stage to discover the latest best practices, quick wins and the art of the possible.

DevOps & Cloud Native Stage

Cloud Native and DevOps are front of mind as companies seek to achieve the agility, velocity and resilience needed to drive continual growth. This stage is dedicated to modern software design, development and delivery to help you advance your tactics. To stay competitive in today's world these skills and approaches are essential.

Advanced Threat Protection Stage

With bad actors continuing to invest in the development of highly targeted attacks, plus a wave of access points brought about by hybrid work, being prepared is paramount. Hear on-the-ground response case studies to help you refine your incident strategy and evaluate the latest tools and technology.

Digital Culture & Tech for Good Stage

After a wave of intense change, it's never been more clear that digital culture is fundamental to successful IT transformation. We'll provide practical guidance on how to build better, inclusive cultures and ways of working that supports teams, customers and wider society.

AWS Community Stage

For those ready to build highly scalable, real-time applications, we bring together AWS Evangelists and Heroes in partnership with AWS ComSum. Discover how to take the lead of serverless architecture, real time analytics, MLOps and more. Join this stage to be part of a community where you can share ideas and learn from the best.

Cloud Security Stage

In the race to migrate to cloud-first everything, critical security fixes are still being overlooked. At the Cloud Security Stage we analyse the fundamental risks of the cloud to help you be secure from the start. Discussing both quick fixes and long-term plans, we help you find out how to tackle security holes.

Cyber Threat Detection & Intelligence Stage

The goal of the Threat Intelligence Stage is to help you manage the influx of alerts and information to focus efforts on the real threats to your operations. With a mix of discussions, case debriefs and problem clinics, you'll learn how to guard your enterprise and effectively meet the pressing challenges.

Cyber Hack Stage

To beat the threat of innovative, aggressive attacks, cyber teams need to be smarter, faster and more resilient. At the Cyber Hack, we help you level up defence capabilities and arm teams by lifting the lid on the tactics and techniques of bad actors.

Higher Edtech Stage

The pandemic has hit higher education harder than most. Without rapid digital transformation, operating models from some of the world's most respected organisations are in danger of being disrupted. How can technology facilitate hybrid learning? What will the classroom of tomorrow look like?