Join artificial intelligence experts and experience AI and analytics in action, and see how it can work for you.

For the first time this year, AI & Analytics X is part of Digital Transformation EXPO Europe. This is the event for developers, data scientists and analysts looking to further develop their business using next-gen technology.

If your company has data insight, integration, machine and deep learning products or cognitive computing solutions to share with the industry, click here to find out more about exhibiting in 2019.

What is AI & Analytics X?

Organisations are using AI, deep and machine learning, to turn data into intelligence. Experience a full spectrum of technologies from AI providers. See the technology in action, meet the creators and learn how to inject AI and big data into your business transformation strategy. We’ve designed a show to help you quickly and easily deploy artificial intelligence and analytics to increase sales, detect fraud, improve customer experience, automate work processes and provide predictive analysis in your organisation.

What AI & Analytics X covers:

Data Insights

Discover how to use big data to build innovative solutions that improve the customer experience and lay the foundation for AI. Gain technical insight from data experts on everything from big data processing to real-time analytics.

Database & Platform and Data Integration

Understand how different database tools can map to your applications and processes. Hear best practices and architectural techniques from people who have tried and tested them.

Bots & Virtual Assistants

How can chatbots streamline customer experience and maximise sales? Learn how to put virtual assistants to work in your organisation, no matter its size. Sessions will predict future trends and provide insight into how you can evolve with them.

Machine & Deep Learning

Accelerate your journey to better customer understanding with solutions that use algorithms inspired by the human brain. Try out products that reimagine your workflows, protect your insights and help to build intelligent applications.

Cognitive Computing

Understand how human-influenced data can be applied to your enterprise. From financial pricing to fraud detection, meet the technology suppliers and learn how to get the most out of their world-class solutions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover new ways to deliver personalised customer experiences, lower costs and accelerate growth. Try out next generation technology and meet its creators.
  • Speak to AI developers to understand how the technology works, and how it can adapt to fit your specific needs.
  • See the latest AI models put to work. Try them out, compare them, and leave with a strategy for integrating them into your organisation.
  • Hear tricks, tips and case studies from global leaders in artificial intelligence. Past AI speakers include Martin Kearn, Software Engineer & Evangelist at Microsoft and Danilo Poccia, Principal Evangelist at Serverless.
  • Explore the increasingly blurred line between cyber security, enterprise IT and AI at our co-located events, IP EXPO and Cyber Security X.