The event for the digital heroes who are transforming retail!

Digitising Commerce

This October, IRX will be co-located at DTX + UCX for the second year. IRX will explore the digital tools and innovation changing the face of modern commerce. It will bring together decision-makers from across a variety of industries: retail, travel, insurance, hospitality and gaming; all looking to improve their customers’ experiences and streamline operations.

With features spanning thought-leadership sessions, practical workshops, boardroom roundtables, 1-2-1 meetings and more, this is a unique opportunity to stay one step ahead of the competition in digital commerce.

Your registration for DTX + UCX will give you automatic access to IRX!

Main Themes at IRX

Architectures for modern commerce

Showcasing cutting-edge strategies and technologies shaping the future of digital transactions.

Customer experience

Create memorable interactions, foster loyalty, and drive business success in today's hyper-connected and customer-centric marketplace.

Customer contact and messaging

Insights on leveraging technology and personalised interactions to build lasting relationships with your customers.

Future of payments 

See the changing nature of how we transact, empowering you to navigate the evolving payment ecosystem and stay ahead in this era of digital commerce.

Digitising the supply chain

Unveiling the way leading businesses streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and drive unprecedented growth in the modern era of logistics and distribution.

We’re super excited because these two events together will create the most relevant, practical and valuable event for businesses in the current climate, helping them to unlock the power of technology.