“Standing still is the fastest way of moving backwards in a rapidly changing world” - Lauren Bacall

In the past year, adaptability has been the aim of the game.

The rules have been bent, stop-gaps brought in, product landscapes shifted, and employees given a crash course in tech adoption.

For the next level, it’s time to take stock. As companies decide what’s next for the workforce, IT leaders need to understand how to navigate the return as smoothly as possible and build on the good work so far.

Companies now have the opportunity to create ongoing efficiency and productivity, while also enabling teams to do business in new and innovative ways.

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The Challenges

In this summit, we want to cover some of the biggest challenges still facing IT leaders:

  • Re-building the digital transformation plan after an intense period of acceleration
  • Staying on track (and in control of cost and usage) for your cloud migration
  • Embedding security and secure behaviours into day to day operations
  • Minimising the risks of network downtime and preparing for innovation
  • Making faster, smarter and safer decisions with the data at hand

problem shared is a problem halved. Join the upcoming conversations as your diary fits, ask the hard questions and let us help you find the next answer.

Benefits of Attending

Understand what obstacles still stand to block your digital vision and how to overcome them

Find out how to create lasting resilience for the next workplace disruption in both your systems and staff

Gain tips on how to balance costs, meet business demands for stability and ensure space to innovate

Discover ways to stay on track with your goals when the plans inevitably change

Hear about how you can maintain employee engagement, commitment and productivity for the next digital iteration