We’ve researched with 2,000+ IT, Data, DevOps and Security professionals to create a programme covering the hottest topics in digital transformation. Discover new strategies, tactics and solutions across priority tech areas. Tackle your biggest challenges. Get inspired by cutting edge case studies. Exchange ideas with the best in the business.

DTX Main Stage

The Main Stage hosts C-suite & innovation leaders to explore how the latest technology advancements can be anchored to drive business change, bring greater resilience and build competitive advantage. Uncover new ways to create value and achieve sustained outcomes, whilst ensuring employee and customer experience remains at the heart of transformation.

Future Networks & Infrastructure Stage

Networks provide the backbone of digital transformation. The Future Networks Stage delves into key questions such as: How do you plan your network for today and future needs? Where and when do you invest in virtual or automated networks? What security and monitoring tools are available? Is private 5G right for your organisation?

Cloud Transformation Stage

The promise of cloud is huge & can be a gamechanger for many organisations as part of their DX journey, however there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. On this stage, hear use cases and best practices covering cloud transformation strategy; legacy to cloud pitfalls; business benefits & whether cloud native is feasible for your organisation.

Cyber Security Keynote Stage

At the cyber keynote, the focus is locked and loaded on strategy. Hear from those leading the charge about the next era of ransomware, whether Zero Trust lives up to the hype, the tricks to getting board support & why you need to invest more time in people. Expect honest conversations, healthy debate and a host of new ideas to try out.

Data and Automation in Practice Stage

The Data and Automation In Practice stage focuses on how to structure data effectively, when and how to deploy analytics, ML & AI, plus new concepts such as data mesh, ultimately making your data work for you. It will showcase featured case studies sharing best practice and lessons learnt from organisations on their data journey.

Data Driven Strategy Stage

In a world where data is king, creating a data-driven strategy and culture is imperative to any organisation. On this stage, you will gain the necessary insights to help you create your company’s data strategy ensuring you are on the path towards making key business decisions based on data, whilst getting to grips with the ethical and regulatory considerations.

DevOps Transform Stage

From scrappy start-ups to behemoth brands, the DevOps Transform stage gives a behind the scenes look at accelerating modern software delivery. The pressure is on to deliver faster & more securely, whilst avoiding the struggles. Whether it’s a secret to high performing teams, a new product reveal or an approach you need to implement, you'll walk away with key insight.

Advanced Threat Protection Stage

Many organisations are facing a sprawling & porous attack surface of distributed workforces & network environments. At the same time, the pace, complexity & intensity of attacks is on the rise. The Advanced Threat Protection Stage ensures you can guard against threats, craft the right incident response & establish a resilient security culture.

Cyber Hack Stage

To beat the threat of big, bad actors, cyber teams need to be smarter, faster & more resilient than ever before. At the Cyber Hack, we share new tools to arm your teams, lift the lid on the tactics of cyber criminals & get the truth behind buzzwords in cyber. Expect the weird & wonderful side of infosec on full display for your viewing pleasure.

Platform Security Stage

It’s a highly complex task to monitor & protect far-flung architectures and operations. The Platform Security Stage will help assess & improve your security maturity across core platforms like cloud, networks, data storage & servers. Discuss the challenges of identity management, find hidden risks in the cloud and refine your approach to DevSecOps.

Threat Detection & Intelligence Stage

Infosec leaders need to proactively strengthen security infrastructure and map the changing threat landscape to stay ahead of attacks. The Threat Detection & Intelligence Stage shares insight on how to guard your enterprise, ensure visibility across complex operations and make better detect and response decisions.