We’ve researched with 2,000+ IT, Data, DevOps and Security professionals to create a programme covering the hottest topics in digital transformation. Discover new strategies, tactics and solutions across priority tech areas. Tackle your biggest challenges. Get inspired by cutting edge case studies. Exchange ideas with the best in the business.

DTX Main Stage

Tech leaders, strategists and visionaries take centre stage to help you balance risk with reward when navigating new tech, find and attract the best and diverse tech talent and build for a sustainable future. Take a front-row seat to gain the insights needed to scale transformation plans, maximise value from latest tech and train the next-gen of digital innovators.

IT Infrastructure Stage

We're over 3 years on from the pandemic which saw widespread, panicked adoption of technologies as organisations rushed to digitise. Now, IT teams are faced with a huge amount of tech debt which is hindering budgets and resource for future innovation. This stage is designed to help consolidate and optimise your IT tool stack and showcase tools and tactics to help monitor and increase efficiency of the technologies that make the cut.

IT & Cloud Strategy Stage

Today’s IT teams face a balancing act as they strive to find the right tool stack that supports their business needs whilst keeping costs and emissions down. On this stage, we bring together IT, cloud and architecture teams to discuss the tools and tactics necessary for streamlining the modernisation of your IT estate and bringing your teams and users with you along the way.

Data, AI & Automation Stage

With a wealth of untapped insight ready to be unlocked, this stage will help you implement the culture, structure and governance needed to enable a data-driven enterprise. With guidance on how to lead high-performing teams and analysis of new developments on the horizon, you'll be ready to deliver exceptional results.

IT Ops & Service Management Stage

To fully operationalise digital offerings, existing processes need to be adapted to maximise value from the technology stack. This new stage looks at the ways to ensure smooth delivery of services and support to both customers and employees, and where conversational AI and automation comes into play. Plus, how to maximise vendor partnerships and bring partners with you as you work together towards a common goal.

Dev & Engineering Excellence Stage

The pressure is on to deliver smarter, release quicker and get ever closer to customer needs. Dev leaders need to keep teams on course, while navigating waves of disruption. This stage opens the floor to ideas on how to do more with less, architect for efficiency, and embrace new ways of working.

AWS Developer Lounge

The AWS Developer Lounge offers a deep dive experience into the tech, tools and tactics you can use to do more with AWS. From how to leverage new functionality, change your development approach or take advantage of disruptive tech, this lounge is an open floor innovation zone.

Customer Engagement & Intelligence Stage

Customer engagement is vital as businesses operate in saturated marketplaces, for finite customer attention. Join us to hear how to leverage your customer data, deliver personalisation at scale and unlock new revenue potential, to supercharge your CX and elevate your customer engagement.

Channel Connect Stage

Channel Connect brings togethers MSPs, VARs, distributors and system integrators alongside solution and technology providers to understand the latest trends and developments that are taking place across the IT channel plus what the latest technology advancements mean for this ecosystem.

Advanced Threat Protection Stage

Cyber attacks are faster, increasingly complex and more frequent than ever - and you need to know how to tackle the next cyber threat. Join discussions on this stage to learn how to assess the risk of new vulnerabilities, defend against persistent threat vectors and improve your incident response strategy.

Threat Detection & Intelligence Stage

Infosec leaders have never faced a wider spread of threats. The task at hand is to maintain visibility over critical assets, strengthen infrastructure and focus resource on core risk vectors. This stages helps security teams manage the influx of alerts, address the dangers of unpatched system and improve threat response.

Cyber Hack Stage

The best defence is a good offence. Head over to the cyber hack for an inside look at the latest threat research - from the dangers of social engineering, to hidden threats in global systems and even lessons on how to hack a car. This stage uncovers the secrets of bad actors and smart ways to fight back.

Platform Security Stage

It’s a highly complex task to monitor and protect far-flung architectures and operations. This stage will help assess and improve your security maturity across core platforms, including cloud, networks, data storage and servers. Discover how to meet the challenges of identity management, find hidden risks in your environment and refine your approach to DevSecOps.