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Gain ideas on how to navigate the trials of large-scale transformation projects, ensure a smooth cloud migration, assess and understand the security risks of long-term hybrid working, get more from your data and build lasting resilience in your working culture.

Hear about the best ideas from Kelloggs, Mastercard, Hargreaves Lansdown, NHS, Jaguar, AWS, IBM and NASA to help you use this bitesize insight to make big breakthroughs.

Find out:

• How NASA builds perseverance when tackling a high risk project
• Ways to increase the visibility of the cyber security team, so they become a go-to partner not a business barrier • How the way we work needs to be restructured to allow for agile, cloud native innovation
• Discover how to monitor the pace of transformation to ensure your team doesn't burnout and remains creative • How to move away from legacy systems quickly, without creating future headaches
• The secrets behind a hybrid working culture that actually works and allows for collaboration, cooperation and connection