Cyber Security Leaders Summit

The Cyber Security Leaders Summit is a closed-room event for senior IT and security leaders to connect, innovate and collaborate on key challenges in the field. During the day, attendees will come together to tackle the biggest threats on the horizon and navigate the highs and lows of enterprise security. This is a key opportunity to assess and refine strategies, gain advice on company specific problems and plan for the year ahead.

What's in it for you?

 Network and collaborate with fellow influential members of the cyber community and join pre-qualified
meetings with handpicked solution providers that you want to meet.





Confirmed Speakers

Who's it for?

Chief Information Security Officer, Head/Director/Manager of: Information Security, Cyber Security, IT, Cyber Defence,
Security Operations, Incident Response, Security Architecture, Threat Intelligence, Pen Testing

Roundtable topics


Join our peer to peer roundtables specially curated by the DTX team to encourage collaboration with
other leaders on some of the biggest, critical cyber issues.

Check out the agenda below to see the full range of think tank roundtables sessions.

Lock, stock and barricade

Patch 22

Is cyber security a team sport?

Cloudy with a chance of outage

Is that a problem for future you?

Burning the midnight oil

How to use data and automation to drive better security?

Do people care yet?

Shouting into the void

What our delegates say

What to expect on the day


Registration & Networking Breakfast
Welcome Address
Opening Keynote Panel

What’s new and next in the attack landscape: Assessing the biggest challenges ahead for infosec and IT teams?

• Where have attackers shifted focus and how does this change security strategy? How can you communicate a shifting threat landscape to the Board?
• Addressing the hybrid headache: How to stay secure long-term in an uncontrolled environment
• Making sure weaknesses aren’t weoponised: Are you spending enough time on security housekeeping?


Countdown to crisis: Making smart decisions in high stakes

• Lessons learned from tackling the ransomware epidemic
• What it takes to enhance enterprise and personal resilience
• Building proactive defences to limit the damage of a critical incident

Think Tank Roundtable Sessions

• Lock, stock and barricade: What can you do to build defences upstream and make your network less attractive for attackers?
Patch 22: What have we learned from Log4j? How to improve response strategy for future issues
Does AI only work in an artificial reality? How to ensure AI and ML delivers results in your environment
Is cyber security a team sport? What can you do to better collaborate with vendors on product roadmaps and interoperability
Cloudy with a chance of outage: How to fix the security holes and misconfigurations left in the rush to cloud-everything

1-2-1 Meetings & Networking



Setting direction: How to lead a security transformation

• Lessons learned on how to orchestrate a security transformation in a complex enterprise
• Reactive vs proactive response: Does it take an incident to drive real change?
• How to speak the language of the board and secure security investment

Keynote + Fireside Chat

Have you been breached yet? Preventing and protecting your organisation against 2022’s inevitable cyber security breach

• Discover cyber security models and strategies to protect your organisation should it fall victim to an attack
• Learn how you can provide your users with risk-free access to applications and services
• Determine how to protect your data centres, employees and customers

1-2-1 Meetings & Networking
Think Tank Roundtable Sessions

Is that a problem for future you? What’s the next security evolution and how will it change the game?
Do people care yet? How to build a security mindset across teams and make it stick
Shouting into the void: How to get results by speaking the language of the board
Building a team you want to be a part of: How to find and develop top talent and ensure you’re not building a burnout culture

Closing Remarks
Evening Reception & Networking Party

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