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As well as our annual live events, we want to make sure we tide you over the whole year round!  Throughout the year we run our DTX + UCX Mini Summits, targeting everything from Cyber Security and Data & AI to Tech Predictions and Unified Communications.

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AI and Data Analytics Mini Summit (12-13 July)

Advanced intelligence and automation have been a critical tool during the pandemic. Getting actionable intelligence at speed has allowed businesses to stay agile, grow rapidly and survive intense disruption. As we plan for 2022, data analytics will be key to understanding changing user and buyer behaviour post pandemic. Organisations will find themselves relying on automation to support continued productivity, as employees navigate high pace, complex environments.

Long term, the businesses that can smartly and efficiently utilise AI, analytics and automation will be able to beat the competition and thrive.

This year’s Mini Summit is part of Transform World, in partnership with VentureBeat. Transform 2021 will feature comprehensive coverage across the breadth and depth of the world of applied AI.

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