Tackling security in the public and private cloud

Tackling security in the public and private cloud

The Challenge: Modern data centre's are changing rapidly. 

Thanks to virtualisation, more and more organisations are shifting to resilient, on-demand, private cloud environments, delivering applications faster and more cheaply than ever before. Software defined data centre's (SDDCs) are the new norm. 

While applications within these data centres are easily created, moved and deleted, traditional security control and approaches haven’t yet caught up. Security can no longer exist just at the data centre’s perimeter – it has to protect every part of the data centre network, whether physical or virtual. 

It’s time to get serious about how to benefit from Cloud platforms whilst staying protected.  For consideration:

• Automating security is no longer a nice to have, but a must in order to keep your datacentre at the cloud speed whilst increasing security levels. 

• How managing hybrid data centre integrating multiple solutions can limit the operational advantages of the cloud (especially when it comes to security operations) 

• Modern data centre environments are now deployed in minutes, how can you do this while still maintaining robust security? 

• Reduce your costs and increase your visibility 

• Improve your business agility by automating security deployments into public and private cloud environments.