The social good of AI and advanced analytics

The social good of AI and advanced analytics

Here’s ten of the best things AI and advanced analytics has enabled in the last decade.

  • Diagnose cancer patients earlier . For every type of cancer an early diagnosis can make a massive difference, AI is now accurately diagnosing images and samples better than many human specialists, improving the chance of successful treatment.


  • Teaching students . With many schools oversubscribed, AI assistants can help teachers deliver a better education experience for a greater number of students. 


  • A real Babel Fish . Google can now audibly translate over 40 languages in real-time, something which could fundamentally change how we communicate globally.


  • Detect crop disease . With AI farmers can more accurately manage and maintain their produce, reducing the amount of potential waste. In developing nations this technology could vastly improve food security.


  • Help detect genetic conditions . By analysing the genetic code in a single drop of blood, AI is helping the NHS diagnose patients more accurately than ever before.


  • Tackle crime . An AI supported security camera network in Dubai is helping tackle criminal behaviour, such as break-ins, by identifying a crime taking place and identifying the assailant whilst the crime is happening. Enabling the police to swiftly respond.


  • Predict a hypoglycaemic event . AI is letting diabetics know up to three hours in advance if they are heading towards an event, enabling them to better manage their condition.


  • Lip read better than humans . With better accuracy than a human lip-reader, new AI programs are making a huge contribution to the deaf community.


  • Work out why you are unwell . From a sniffly nose to painful joints, AI can correlate all your symptoms with the 10,000 human diseases currently known far faster and with far more accuracy than a doctor.