Diversity & Inclusion

Let’s face it - the IT industry has some way to go when It comes to D&I. At Digital Transformation EXPO, we want to be part of the change. Do you?

Whilst we’re continually striving to get better, there is a lot to do. Only 19% of the UK Tech workforce are women and 4% are of ethnic minorities.

This needs to change!

At DTX, we believe in the power of a diverse workforce and in equal opportunity for all. And, we’re committed to making sure that diversity and inclusion are at the heart of everything we do. From the businesses, organisations and charities that we support, through to our speaker lineups.

The events of 2020 brought home the fragility of life, the need for compassion and the importance of finding balance. As people navigated “living at work”, they also watched live as climate, social justice and diversity issues came to the forefront of everyday discussions.

2022 holds an opportunity for companies and communities to “build back better” with a focus on climate, diversity, skills and people. The technology sector has the potential to make a significant difference to drive these issues forward and progress social agendas alongside digital economies.


  • We’ve launched a D&I Council to support us with delivering better educational content
  • We’ve launched a new ‘digital culture’ programme, with D&I front and centre
  • We’ve invested into and partner with UK Black Business Week and Black Tech Achievement Awards to promote black talent to the Tech sector
  • We’re offering free promotion to any organisation, or exhibitor that wants to promote their D&I initiatives and job opportunities
  • We co-organise training programmes for Leaders of Tomorrow (young talent)
  • We’re working with Greater Manchester Authorities on #BuildBackBetter and Digital City Agenda.

If there are other groups, associations or bodies that you think we should be working with, let us know !