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DTX Manchester demystifies technology for IT and business leaders, from businesses of all sizes, enabling them to improve operational efficiency, increase security, introduce smarter collaboration and make smarter, faster business decisions.

A Tech Pro Research survey found that 70 percent of all companies either have a digital transformation strategy in place or are working on one. No matter how big or small your business is, learn about and discuss the technology mix that you need by getting a free pass for Digital Transformation EXPO Manchester. Read on for how each element of this mix is covered at the event.


Maximise organisational efficiency with artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation but what’s next for AI technology? Progressing at a rapid rate, these technologies are allowing organisations to tackle operational challenges and transforming how businesses operate as the capabilities of AI continue to rise.

At DTX Manchester, experience AI in action and see how it can work for your business with real-life case studies. Discover how the latest RPA technologies are reshaping the way organisations operate and improving efficiency levels. Topics covered include:

  • Future of your workforce: taking your employees on your AI journey with you
  • How RPA powers successful digital transformation
  • How can businesses use AI to access diverse audiences

Data Analytics

With each shift in technological development and deployment, the growth in volumes of data being produced is exponential. Conversely, it becomes increasingly difficult to interpret and make valuable decisions based on that data. What is the best way to use data analytics to make more effective business decisions? At DTX Manchester, discover how to use big data to build advanced solutions to improve the customer experience and lay the foundation for AI.

Topics covered include:

  • How data-driven digital transformation, third generation BI, and AI are powering analytics adoption
  • Learn about the data visualisation tools revolutionising analytics
  • Apply machine learning to your data warehouse to transform your business


Hybrid? Private? Public? What is the right Cloud for you? DTX Manchester will provide you with an independent assessment of the cloud vendor landscape. Whether you’re taking your first steps into Cloud storage and sharing, or migrating to a truly Hybrid Cloud, learn how to maximise the cost-effectiveness of your crucial workloads, keep your data safe, and discuss the best options for your business.

For those moving to a Cloud Computing service, come to DTX Manchester to understand the challenges, ramp up process capabilities and enable real-time monitoring systems to prevent outages. Topics covered include:

  • How to effectively manage your transition to the cloud
  • Private vs. Public Cloud vs Hybrid Cloud: What's the Difference
  • Managing hybrid and multi-cloud environments - finding the right strategy for you
  • Governance and Control of the Cloud
  • What are the challenges of Cloud Computing

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Cyber Security

There are evolving security needs that come about with the increasing use of technologies that enable digital transformation. The advances in sophisticated technology such as AI, IoT, cloud and quantum computing means the threat landscape is more complex now than ever before. As security threats evolve and adapt, cyber security should be considered at the earliest possible stages of digital transformation initiatives.

At DTX Manchester, there are three dedicated stages to cyber security: cyber threat protection, advanced threat prevention and cyber hack. Discover the latest ATP solutions exploring the latest tech, watch live demos on reverse engineering and hacking and explore conventional network and endpoint protection. Topics covered include:

  • A simpler way to effective threat management
  • How are you protecting your network from the next Zero Day?
  • Automating security in devops
  • Updating enterprise appsec tactics for the world of cloud, devops and APIs


DevOps methodology is becoming an increasing part of the language of businesses undergoing digital transformation – there are many reasons for this, not least because DevOps changes the cultural mindset, and it unites people, process and technology. Not only that, but it makes automation a priority, and continuous delivery allows software to be released any time.

At DTX Manchester, you can find a content stage dedicated to DevOps and Continuous Delivery. Learn how microservices can be deployed in parallel by multiple DevOps teams, discover why DevSecOps has been described as the next generation of IT, and get tips on how to maintain pace in an ever-changing workplace. Topics covered include:

  • Using team topologies for organisation design
  • Bringing up a kubernetes cluster on a diverse infrastructure
  • Coordinating dev teams distributed over multiple sites and geographies
  • Top tips for application performance monitoring


With a prediction of over 30 billion IoT devices by 2020, this fast growing technology provides huge opportunities to enterprises in all verticals. Constantly developing, the Internet of Things is transforming organisations by creating new business models, increasing efficiency and producing smarter cities. However, with the adoption of IoT comes implications especially with data privacy and security.

Whether IoT is currently part of your organisation’s framework and need advice on how to stay protected or this is a new venture you want to find out how to best adopt the tech, come to DTX Manchester and find out from the leading companies how this technology can benefit you. Topics covered include:

  • IoT provides many advantages but greatly increases the attack surface – find out how to stay safe
  • Edge Computing will grow with the advent of 5G
  • Intelligent Transformation at the Edge with Lenovo & Rahi Systems
  • New Digital Outposts – Rethinking remote infrastructure
  • The evolution of IoT: Augmenting the shop floor with robotics and AI

Networks & Infrastructure

Demands on networks and infrastructure are only going increase as organisations continue to transform. Modernising legacy infrastructure is a critical foundation to digital transformation success.

Covering a range of technologies including; Wireless, SD-WAN, WAN optimisation, network virtualisation, network automation and 5G, the Networks and Infrastructure stage will be where you can hear from expert speakers about everything network and connectivity related. Topics covered include:

  • Modernizing network infrastructure as a foundation to enable digital transformation
  • Future Network case study on 5G
  • Accelerating the multi-cloud migration with SD-WAN
  • Implementing Edge Computing to lower cost and accelerate access data
  • Dealing with legacy infrastructure
  • Security management of the critical network infrastructure
  • Centralized management to automate NetOps
  • Network Resilience providing acceptable level of service in the face of faults

Unified Communications

Unified Communications is an important piece of the digital transformation puzzle, as they enable businesses to improve efficiency and customer experience. With a dedicated content stage at DTX Manchester, you'll find two days of seminars where you can learn and discuss how your business is using UC to serve your workforce and customers. Topics include:

  • Utilising AI successfully to enable voice transcription allowing for improved compliance, customer service and analysis
  • Video first: What should your video strategy be?
  • Changing people’s habits, how do you get them to best utilise UC systems?
  • Mobile first: Strategies for systems for deskless and firstline workers
  • Security management in UC systems: Ensuring it doesn’t become another attack vector