Join 6,500 IT professionals to discover new technologies & disruptive ideas that are evolving in the world of IT.

For the first time this year, IP EXPO is part of Digital Transformation EXPO Manchester. It encompasses cloud and infrastructure, service desk, collaboration, IoT, blockchain and software development. This is the event for IT experts looking to make informed decisions on the future of technology and change in their business.

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What is IP EXPO?

The technology landscape continues to evolve at a frightening pace and we’ve worked hard on finding the key experts around the world who can give you the latest insight into the new technology and practices now available.

If you are responsible for the IT in your organisation then you will find a wealth of new technologies and disruptive new thinking to support your plans. Whatever your interest, pain points or aspirations there is something here for you.

What IP EXPO covers:

Cloud & Infrastructure

Discover experts and suppliers, including Cisco, Gamma, Efficient IP, CloudDNA, and more, all delivering services critical to your cloud journey. Try out new cloud-native technology, meet the people behind it and learn how to successfully migrate.


Understand how to balance speed with quality across disruptive new technologies, including Quantum Computing, Mobile, Cloud, DevOps, and more. Hear dedicated programming on equality, diversity and inclusion in the developer community.


See the latest products and learn how to introduce them across your organisation for better collaboration and efficiency. Sessions in this track will illustrate how collaboration tools protect company data – ideal for IT business leaders and system administrators.


Learn ways to unlock business potential using globally dispersed IoT technology. Hear practical tips from the world’s most influential IoT thinkers on how to gather, process, analyse and work with IoT data. This stream is ideal for technology leaders keen to understand the very latest IoT capabilities.

Service Desk

How can AI and chatbots help your organisation to reduce costs, make smarter decisions, and deliver better customer experiences? Whether you call it ITSM or help desk, learn how the addition of new technologies can accelerate change for your service desk.